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We like questions, we do?

We continue to operate groups mindful of covid-19 secure.

Please do not attend if you or someone you live with has any of the following: 

- a high temperature

- a new, continuous cough

- a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Check the NHS website if you have symptoms.

We have taken all reasonable steps to hold safe and enjoyable group sessions.

We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a minimum 1.5m social distance in every group.

Please remember to bring your hand sanitiser.


Beginners information - travel

The hardest step is that first one;

feel pleased when you take it.

Never rush

The risk of incidents are greater travelling to and from the venue; if you are late, you're late.

Come in relax and enjoy.

Beginners information - what to wear?

Tai Chi and Postural Stability

Loose comfortable clothing

Water to sip

Well-fitting indoor footwear

Beginners information - What to wear?

Beginners Hatha Yoga

Loose comfortable clothing in layers

 Bare feet or yoga socks

Yoga mat, cushion, towel, foam; anything for your comfort

Beginners information - welfare

You decide how much or little you wish to do

You can participate seated or standing and rest anytime you need to

Before you sit check your chair; before you move check the space around you

If you have inhaler or other medication for emergency use bring it with you & let us know what you have and what to do if we need to

Beginners information - Participation

We do our best to ensure your safety but we need you to be patient, tolerant and kind to all members

Never try too hard best progress is made by understanding, relaxing and enjoying 

All our sessions are non-contact please keep your distance and give people space

All movements can be adapted to you; we are all different so we should not all look identical

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